Why You Need Professional Tree Services

In order to keep your property in excellent condition, you’ll need to set aside time for home maintenance. This doesn’t just apply to the interior of your home. Maintaining the land around your home is also necessary if you want to protect your investment. Landscaping can improve a home’s curb appeal, but it can also detract from it. You’ll need to make sure all of the plants on your property are in good condition.

This includes giving the trees on your property all of the care that they need. Pruning and fertilizer can keep your trees healthy. The kind of maintenance required will vary based on the types of trees you have on your property. When you work with our tree service, you’ll have the support of experienced professionals that know what your trees need. Learn more in this article provided by Island Ohana Tree & Landscaping Service of Oahu

Trimming Your Trees

It’s important for trees to be trimmed on a yearly basis. There are a number of reasons for this. By pruning branches that are in bad condition, you can encourage a tree to grow. Ailing branches put your tree at risk for diseases, which is why it’s necessary for them to be removed. Weak branches can also be a safety risk. If bigger branches suddenly break off the tree, it could damage property or even lead to injuries. By trimming your tree, you’ll also be able to make sure it maintains the right shape. It can also help some types of trees to produce more fruits and flowers. Our team understands when and how various tree species should be pruned. We’ll make sure your trees are able to grow and thrive.

Caring for Your Trees

If your tree is unhealthy, you’ll want to make sure you can spot the issue. We have certified arborists on staff. If there are issues that are compromising the health of your tree, we’ll be able to diagnose them. As an example, the weaker portions of a tree could be infected by fungus or pests. The infection will continue to spread throughout the tree if it’s not detected and treated. It could eventually be fatal to the tree, and it could even spread to other trees on your property.

As long as your trees are consistently maintained, our arborists will be able to notice potential issues right away. This will allow us to take steps to treat your tree. We’ll keep the disease from spreading and will keep your trees healthy. It’s also important for trees to receive certain nutrients. Fertilizer should be spread around the tree each year. We’ll choose and apply a fertilizer that contains all the nutrients your tree needs to grow.

Removing Trees

If a tree hasn’t received the maintenance and care that it needs, it may no longer be possible to save the tree. In these cases, you shouldn’t keep the tree on your property. It could put your other trees at risk, and it could even be a safety hazard. We’ll remove your tree without causing any damage to the landscaping below. You’ll be able to replace the tree will need plants that will leave your property looking better than ever.

We’ll Help You Keep Your Trees Healthy

If you don’t take care of your trees, it could lead to serious consequences later down the road. It can have a negative impact on the way your property looks, and it could even lower the value of your property. On top of that, a poorly maintained tree can be a safety hazard. Your home is a significant investment, and with the aid of our tree service, you’ll be able to protect it. By maintaining your trees, you can ensure that your home and the landscaping around it look better than ever. You’ll be able to appreciate your trees every time you step outside.

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